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The Larapinta Trail

The Larapinta Trail is the quintessential Australian Desert walking experience. Set in the spectacular West MacDonnell Ranges of Central Australia, the 223km long trail snakes through ancient landscapes and breathtaking scenery of the Red Centre. The Larapinta Trail offers one of the greatest desert treks on earth and is one of Australia’s most famous walking experiences.

Find out more about the Larapinta Trail's geography, flora, fauna and history here.

Since 1995, we’ve led the way in this outstanding trekking destination and our new stylish semi-permanent campsites continue to set the standard on the Larapinta Trail.

EXCLUSIVE Semi Permanent Campsites
In May 2013, we launched an exciting major upgrade to our semi-permanent camps and in 2015 we completed the 3rd exclusive site near Mt Sonder. For over a decade we have worked with Neeson-Murcutt Architects to design innovative, stylish and sustainable semi-permanent campsite facilities that will enhance the experience of trekkers while at the same time minimising environmental impacts. These new facilities are now available on our 3 Day Larapinta Experience in Comfort and 6 Day Classic Larapinta Trek in Comfort.

Our innovative new campsites give trekkers a relaxing base to enjoy the outback solitude between walks while enjoying the pristine desert scenery. The kitchen, lounge and dining shelter is set on a raised platform out of the dust and provides a cool and shady open sided haven on warm afternoons, while also offering a warm shelter during the cool nights with gas heating.  

The composting toilets are in a new clean and airy amenities shelter and will use a special compost system that breaks down waste without using water or chemicals. The hot showers that have proved such will continue to give trekkers a welcome way to wash away the dust of a good days walk on the Larapinta Trail.

These campsites would not be possible without a strong partnership with Aboriginal Traditional Owners and the NT Parks and Wildlife who jointly manage the land. The exclusive sub-lease ensures that the benefits of trekking tourism are shared equitably with the Aboriginal Traditional Owners whose land we walk and camp upon.

Find out more about our semi-permanent campsites on our dedicated Larapinta Trail website, which has all the information you need on Larapinta Trail info, including history and culture, trail sections, points of interest, wildlife and ecology and more! 

World Expeditions and Australian Walking holidays offer three experiences to walk the Larapinta Trail, suiting a variety of fitness levels and budgets.

Classic Larapinta Trek in Comfort
– 6 Days – Our most popular Larapinta Trek visiting Simpsons Gap, Standley Chasm and Mt Sonder. Carrying only a daypack, you will walk between 8 – 18 km each day with all camping equipment transported by vehicle to our newly designed and comfortable permanent campsites.
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Larapinta Experience in Comfort – 3 Days – This short 3 day trip offers a great introduction to trekking in the Red Centre with a selection of day walks on our favourite sections of the Larapinta Trail. This outstanding walking experience is enhanced thanks to our new stylish and relaxing semi permanent wilderness campsites.
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Larapinta End to End – 14 Days – Our complete traverse of the 223km Larapinta is an inspiring trek that will delight the wilderness lover and challenge the seasoned walker. As with all out treks on the Larapinta Trail, you will only carry your daypack. The Larapinta End to End is a 4WD supported trek in remote basic bush camps.
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Best of the Larapinta Trail - 9 days - Take an extended trek along the Larapinta Trail and experience the best sections of Australia's most celebrated desert walk. With wilderness camping, scenic viewpoints and achievable challenges, this trek takes you across some of the remote ridges and canyons, walking up to 30kms each day!
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Walk the Larapinta on a Self Guided trip!

If you're more of an independent walker eager to walk at your own pace, book onto one of our self guided treks. With 369 and 12 day self-guided Larapinta treks, these are ideal for the confident and independent traveller with support in the background. Choose from 12 different sections of the Larapinta Trail (just make sure they are consecutive), and let us take care of your transfers, food drops and more!


World Expeditions and Australian Walking Holidays are a founding member of the Great Walks of Australia (GWOA).

This industry led collective joins together ten of Australia's best walking holidays, characterised by exclusive, special accommodation that compliments the walk perfectly.

Our very own Larapinta Trail is listed as one of the ten Great Walks of Australia. 

World Expeditions is the only company in Australia to have the full endorsement of The Wilderness Society. This is in recognition of our responsible approach to travel in remote areas. 

The Larapinta Treks have also been accredited as Ecotourism ECO IV certified.

It has always been our motto that "we take only photographs and leave only footprints", and we hope that you will try to help us achieve our goal of keeping our impact to a minimum.

Principles to keep in mind when packing for your tour:
•    As all waste is carried out, try and ensure that there is minimal packaging on any items you may take into the bush
•    All waste, even when disposed of properly, has an environmental impact. Consider products that have recyclable packaging.
•    As life in the bush is simple, you can learn to enjoy life without the many little extras. Consider leaving behind all but the basic essentials (as specified on your gear list)

The best time of year to walk the Larapinta Trail is any time in the cooler months from April to September. Peak season is the winter months, from May to August. The shoulder months of April - May and August - September can be warmer so be prepared for temperatures in the 30’s during the day and mild conditions at night. 

Central Australia is a climate of extremes; expect warm days and very cool evenings. Night temperatures can reach below freezing in June and July and it can stay chilly until late in the morning. Daytime temperatures can reach the 30°C’s, but are more regularly in the 20°C’s.