Adventure News - Why we love the Flinders Ranges

Why we love the Flinders Ranges

20 / 04 / 2017

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The Flinders Ranges is a rugged, majestic landscape that reveals the story of life on earth.

Picture starting your days listening to an early morning chorus of birds as the Flinders Ranges wakes up around you. On our six day Heysen Trail and Flinders Ranges trip, trekkers embark on an unforgettable journey across vast landscapes tinted with hues of red, ochre and earthy browns while our guides offer interpretation of the landscape, its fascinating geological history and rich cultural diversity. Spend evenings stargazing up at the Milky Way, far away from the bright city lights, as you refresh your perspective on life.

Visiting highlights such as the Brachina Gorge Geological Time Trail; the spectacular Wilpena Pound, a massive bowl-like crater that spans almost 100kms and rises above the surrounding plains; Alligator Gorge, one of the Flinders Ranges’ most spectacular natural attractions; and Dutchman Stern, one of Quorn’s most breathtaking formations.

Offering a glimpse into Australia’s history, this culturally rich, naturally beautiful and unforgettable landscape contains one of the most intact and rich Ediacara fossil sites in the world, proving that multicellular animal life formed over 540 million years ago.

Its sweeping plains and majestic ranges are home to more than half of South Australia’s plant species, while wildlife is abundant in the landscape; from the flightless emu, red kangaroos, the yellow-footed rock wallaby, to magnificent wedge-tailed eagles, lorikeets, rosellas and other parrots.

In this environment each and every season reveals its own unique joys: the warmdays and chilly nights of autumn provide ideal camping weather; winter is perfect for animal watching; while spring walkers experience an explosion of colour during wildflower season.

Experience it yourself:

  • Heysen Trail and the Flinders Ranges - This guided and supported trekking adventure explores the best sections of the famous Heysen Trail in South Australia's Flinders Ranges. Journey past rolling ranges of majestic peaks and rugged ridges on this spectacular six day walk.
  • Remote Northern Flinders Camel Trek - A camel supported walking exploration of rarely visited stations and landscapes of the Northern Flinders Ranges over seven breathtaking days.
  • Women's Heysen Trail and the Flinders Ranges – Over six days our unique all women's Heysen Trail adventure offers spectacular walking in the remote Flinders Ranges while staying in delightful outback properties.
  • Art Expedition Flinders Ranges – This guided artist excursions South Australia's Flinders Ranges is led by art teacher Michael Herron. With comfortable outback camping, this trip allows both amateur and professional artists to capture the inspiration of the Flinders Ranges, visiting the most scenic areas of the Flinders Ranges and taking the time to unleash your artistic flair painting and drawing the landscape around you.
  • Arkaba Walk - Walk from Wilpena Pound to Arkaba Station staying in luxury private camps. Traversing the ancient Flinders Ranges and the private Arkaba Conservancy in outback South Australia, the Arkaba Walk is an experience that immerses you in the story of the land over four days.