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Classic Larapinta Trek in Comfort

Winner of the 2016 Ecotourism award in the Brolga Norther Territory Tourism Awards. Since 1995, when we offered the first commercial trek in this outstanding walking destination, we have led the way on the Larapinta trail - and our award-winning semi-permanent campsites continue to set the standard. On this fully supported trek, you'll walk with just a day pack on well graded trails between eight and sixteen kilometres each day. At the end of each day, you'll appreciate the facilities of our architect-designed exclusive permanent campsites, including hot showers, comfortable lounges and heated dining shelter, as our guides prepare what are best described as delicious meals "with a gourmet twist".Our three stylish campsites are located at intervals that minimize your transfer time, so there's more time to take in the highlights of the trail. We have selected walks for their spectacular scenery and their variety. On the high ridge lines of the West MacDonnell Ranges, you'll gain a rare perspective of the vast flood plains - truly big sky country - that form this ancient land. You'll be dwarfed by the immensity of Ormiston and Serpentine gorges and soothed by their idyllic waterholes. You'll be amazed by dramatic colour changes in the rock formations at Simpsons Gap and Standley Chasm and the dawn ascent of Mt Sonder (1,380m) provides the perfect vantage point to take in the length of the entire West MacDonnell Ranges.

Brief Itinerary

  • DAY 1 Join Alice Springs and explore the Telegraph Station then trek to our exclusive camp, Nick's Camp (15km)
  • DAY 2 Trek from camp to Simpsons Gap (10km) plus Standley Chasm walk (4km)
  • DAY 3 Serpentine Gorge to Counts Point and Charlie's exclusive camp (18km)
  • DAY 4 Ochre Pits (7km) then to Fearless camp
  • DAY 5 Climb Mount Sonder (16km),
  • DAY 6 Ormiston Pound Walk (7km), return to Alice Springs where trip concludes

recommendations (51)

We both thoroughly enjoyed our Larapinta walk with World Expeditions. We were impressed with the camps – we felt that they were totally appropriate to their environment, and more than adequate in comfort and convenience. However, we would particularly like to comment about the quality of guiding – we had Pete, Mikhail and Emily. We really enjoyed the company of all three, found them invariably helpful and thoughtful, appreciated their knowledge and generally considered them delightful guides of the highest quality who we would recommend without qualification. Thank you for giving us a first insight into the area. We stayed on for another three weeks camping and walking through the East Macs, Finke etc and thoroughly enjoyed our time there. We were lucky to see all the country at its best.

T. Weatherly Dunkeld, VIC Australia

I found the Classic Larapinta trek interesting and challenging. The camps were fantastic and the guides very attentive.

G. Skinner VIC, Australia

Our trip was amazing - walking was great, the guides were truly awesome, the scenery was so great and our fellow walkers were very friendly. I really recommend the trip - the knowledge of the guides
and their genuine interest in the environment and our walk made the holiday a trip to remember.

F. Towers Lane Cove, NSW

Couldn't rave enough about World Expeditions! It was my first trek and the whole experience has made me so excited to do more tours! It definitely was the best way to tour the Larapinta trail. The scenery I saw was absolutely incredible. You will not regret booking this tour!!

K. Pobar Kelvin Grove, QLD

Our family has just returned to Sydney after completing the Larapinta trail. We loved the 6 days and found the trip a very rewarding experience (pushing our bodies further than we thought during the days and
rewarding, refreshing and satisfying in the campsites in the evenings). The
three guides were professional, attentive, knowledgeable and fun. In any business you would pride yourselves on such responsive customer service. Well done World Expeditions and the guides Michael, Josh and Harriet.

M. Gordon St. Ives, NSW Australia

World Expeditions Larapinta trail is a unique walk that combines modest, but very satisfying comfort with the opportunity to walk an ancient land where the aborigines the arrente people have lived for perhaps 40,000 years. The leaders Michael, Josh and Harriet have to be congratulated for their hard work, enthusiasm, cooking abilities and trekking skills including their knowledge of flora and fauna.

A. Rodger West Pennant Hills, NSW Australia

An exceptional experience enhanced by the terrific leadership of our guides Harriet, Josh and Michael. A terrific group all who mixed in very easily also added to the experience. All meals were great and
were most appreciated after a day of walking.

J. Palmer Padstow, NSW Australia

The guides were brilliant - I sent an email to the company complimenting the guides - Michael Hoare, Harriet Negus and Josh Brown.

M. Gordon St. Ives, NSW Australia

What a challenging but totally exhilarating 6 day experience exploring the best of the Larapinta Trail through the Macdonnell Ranges! Every day was different, filled with so many painted moments. Luxury
semi-permanent campsites and passionate, friendly young guides with great culinary skills ensured a truly memorable experience.

R. Donnet Brisbane, QLD Australia

This is a great trek that takes you through wonderful parts of the mountain range. It exposes some of Australia's rugged and harsh beauty. The guides were excellent and made all guests feel welcome,
comfortable and looked after.

A. Hayden Hawthorn East, VIC Australia

This was a once in a lifetime experience and one I will never forget. Nacho, Ryan, Karlie and Nom were our knowledgeable, caring guides. Our accommodation was extremely comfortable and the food delicious. This trek was much more than that, it was a connection to the outback and to nature. I highly recommend this trek.

F. Francis Mount Barker, WA Australia

I set out for a walk and came back with the experience of a lifetime. An educational and cultural experience. Extremely well organised with experienced, knowledgeable and compassionate guides.

L. Wallace WA, Australia

Superb walking including climbing Sonder, great guides, well organised, nice food and company.

J. Keynes Keyneton, SA, Australia

Walking up Mt. Sonder in the early hours of the morning, complete darkness, freezing cold....and then the sunrise. Spectacular! I felt such a sense of achievement.

K. Guest Victoria Australia

This was my second holiday with World Expeditions, and like my first trip, the Larapinta holiday exceeded my expectations.

A. Tregonning Western Australia

Thoroughly enjoyed the Classic Larapinta 6 day walk. Such an awesome landscape. Hayley, Josh and Paul were very organised, providing creative, tasty fresh food and their knowledge and passion for the
area was outstanding. Also helped to have a great group of like minded people to walk with. It got pretty warm in September and really enjoyed the refreshing swims in the waterholes. Thanks for a great experience.

Helen Rowe NSW, Australia

There were many highlights: swimming in the gorges, especially Glen Helen, climbing Mt Sonder, the very well-prepared, healthy and plentiful food and the high quality of our guides, Josh, Hailey and

Brendan O'Keefe NSW, Australia

What makes the trip surpass my expectations were our 4 brilliant guides Josh, Jordy, Hayley and Eric. Their knowledge of the land, birds, wildlife and people of this ancient land ensured all 16 of us walked away feeling recharged and reconnected. The facilities at our campsites were second to none! Innovative, very eco-friendly and a welcome relief after a hot day on the trail. The guides Josh, Jordy, Hayley and Eric really made sure that all 16 of us were well looked after (particularly my dietary requirements). They really exceeded my expectations and felt that they delivered 5 star service the entire time. The shared the history of the Arrernte which I found very fascinating and had me spotting bush tucker. I felt I got everything I wanted out of the experience plus a whole lot more. If you're looking for something that could challenge, excite and amaze you then Classic Larapinta is for you. It was the best experience to have walked part of it and seen the highlights that this beautiful part of Australia has to offer. The climb up Mount Sonder at 230 am was difficult but the highlight. The sky was so clear that we got to see Saturn in the distance amidst the millions of stars. And as someone escaping from the big city- this was something I will have imprinted in my memory forever. This trek with World Expeditions is easily the best travelling experience I have had with a sensational group of people. Can't wait for the next WE adventure!

Candice Hendricks Australia

I love the geology and vegetation of the McDonnell Ranges and feel that the Larapinta Trek is one of the best things that I have ever done, Particularly as I wanted to prove to myself that I could complete such an adventure and will certainly do more. The scenery overall was stunning and climbing Mount Sonder was a highlight. Our guides were fantastic and they prepared excellent food given the limited facilities.

Clive Jones NSW, Australia

A memorable trek through Central Australia, with spectacular scenery and consequently a greater appreciation of the unique beauty of our own continent - complemented by great food.

D. Davey VIC, Australia

Our recent Larapinta experience exceeded our expectations. An amazing way to see such beautiful country, shared with new friends and our cheerful competent guides of Nicole, Michael, Eric and Will. So glad this was recommended to us.... Thank you very much for a memorable trip.

Jan & Barry Mulcahy NZ

The group and guides were excellent. Wonderful scenery and great company as well as high standard of service from guides.

Wendy Bones NSW, Australia

Fantastic scenery of the MacDowell Ranges and the boulder scrambling in the awesome gorges were the trip highlights.

E. Palmer USA

This is a wonderful trip, which allows reasonably fit city slickers like us to connect with the ancient and beautiful semi-arid desert of Central Australia. Everyone should do this! It's such a wonderful surprise, and a landscape unique to Australia.

S. Kable NSW, Australia

A really well run organisation. Great camp sites and excellent staff that accommodated our needs. Wasn't 5 star but we didn't go hiking to get that kind of service but you managed to exceed expectations. Great guides and amazing scenery.

M O'Shea Brisbane

Our Guides/Leaders Ashton, Jordy, Lorus and Alice are to be thanked for their professionalism and easy going nature in catering for every need from a group of ‘oldies’. These young people are to be commended for their knowledge of the track, culture and understanding of the local area. The food prepared was first rate and to have meals such as barramundi served after a hard day's trek was a real surprise, and thoroughly appreciated. Whether it was taping our feet to prevent blisters, pushing us on the trek to Mt Sonder, or giving us suggestions regarding kit for the trek the advice was always given by our guides thoughtfully and with a smile. In fact we laughed every day and night and this made it a very enjoyable experience.

The facilities provided by the semi permanent camps were exceptional. The tents, showers, toilet facilities and eating/living areas were of such a high standard considering the remote location. It was such a welcoming feeling to know that after a day on the tracks we would come home to such a well-appointed camp.

I would also like to thank Heidi and Bec for all their assistance leading up to the trip and making things run smoothly prior to departure. I will be recommending World Expeditions to all my friends and those who wish to travel the Larapinta Trail. I hope to use your company for another adventure in the not too distant future.

T Gorman QLD, Australia

"Take me back" she cried the next day after returning home from the Larapinta Trail adventure. So it was, our epic adventure out to the West MacDonnell Ranges, 152km on the western side of Alice Springs to hike the Larapinta Trail. I can't really put into a few words the experience we had two weeks ago. Thirteen women, 76km of hiking on rocky ground, outside showers, intense, surreal scenery, endless night sky, fabulous conversation and bucketloads of bellylaughs.

We had the chance to just be ourselves - a small escape from our everyday lives - to reconnect, recharge and relax. We knew we had something special that week and we soaked it all in. So, as we slip quickly back into the routine of our individual lives, we will hold on to the memories of this trip and hopefully "find that space" in our minds and mentally transport ourselves there for a brief moment in time when life gets a bit too much.

Y. Shepherd QLD, Australia

A fantastic trip, made all the better by the knowledge, skills, experience and commitment of the guides! They were great company, careful of our individual needs and abilities on the trip, and happy to share their knowledge and understanding of the local people and environment with us. Oh - and they were pretty good cooks too!!

K. Wood VIC, Australia

Most memorable part of this trip was climbing Mt Sonder to view the sunrise in extremely windy conditions, in the dark. Well worth the effort to enjoy the amazing view from the summit.

All of our trips with World Expeditions have been amazing. Stunning locations and experienced guides. Travelling in Mongolia with camels and mules in Peru were just some of the highlights - we are about to go on our 12th tour with World Ex to Madagascar, which means we are very happy with the service that the company provides.

A. Moran Melbourne, Australia

We would especially like to mention the fantastic trek leaders - Ashton and Nicole. They made the tour a very special occasion for us with their good humour, expertise, local knowledge, people handling skills and their cookery. We would not hesitate to book with your company again in the future and will certainly recommend you to friends.

Linda and Dennis Briggs Sydney, Australia

We enjoyed the trip immensely and just wanted to put on record our thanks to the three guides we had for our trip, Peter, Angie and Shannon. They managed the 14 of us supremely well, always thinking of and consulting on how to manage the rising temperatures (weather!), various levels of endurance and walking speed etc and got on very well with everyone. The facilities and food were excellent.

Anonymous Melbourne, Australia

Every single aspect of this tour far exceeded our expectations. Our three guides worked well as a team - and providing a gluten & dairy free diet was never a problem. We were continually impressed with our guides' dedication to ensuring that everything was handled in an environmentally friendly manner. Unforgettable experience!

Mick & Marie Bacon Queensland, Australia

I wanted to take the time to write in and just say what a wonderful time I had on the trek. We had a lovely group of people and were lucky with the weather - but best of all was the way everything was organised and run by our guides Aran, Nicole and Simon.

They looked after us from dawn to beyond dusk - whether it was coaxing us up hillsides or cooking us wonderful meals or tending to smelly feet and gross blisters - all with a smile on their faces and always ready for a laugh. They were professional and caring, and I must say having travelled extensively all over the world I have never been on a group tour as well organised or as pleasantly run. I can’t speak highly enough of them. All of us in the group commented on just how hard the guides worked, putting in long days whilst keeping the atmosphere happy and fun.They have turned me into a World Ex devotee and I plan to do another World Ex trip as soon as I can convince my husband to look after the kids again for another week!

Thank you to the company and to Aran, Nicole and Simon for a wonderful and highly memorable holiday that completely exceeded my expectations. As Simon would say - it was AWESOME!

Alison Walter New South Wales, Australia

Just back from my Classic Larapinta Trek. I just wanted to say a huge thank you to our guides, Holly, Aaron and Oscar. They were excellent in every respect – very patient, understanding, knowledgeable, organised, competent and were great cooks! They really ensured that we had the best experience we possibly could, and it was definitely an amazing one. Thank you!

Nina Ardill Sydney, Australia

We walked the Classic Larapinta Trek from 2nd July to 7th July. It exceeded all our expectations, day after day. I began with some hesitation. Was I fit enough, would I fit in, would I make it?

We all did. Up early and walking each day. Relaxing after a warm bucket shower, in the wonderful permanent camp sites at the end of the day while our guides, Peter and Oscar, prepared the most delicious meals. Meals were worthy of a very good restaurant.

It was the first time I'd walked with a group. We were a diverse lot, aged from 18 to 64. We all became good friends. How could we not? Walking up Mt. Sonder by headlamp to watch the dawn rising. Wading across the chest high waters at Ormiston Gorge with out packs on our heads. The West MacDonnell Ranges are truly magnificent. Awe inspiring. You must do this walk.

By the final day I felt happy to have experienced so much, and, to my surprise, I felt I could happily walk on and on, every day, for ever and ever.

Rob Benson Melbourne, Australia

We had the most wonderful time on the Larapinta Trail starting on 29th June with Nicole as our main guide, Simon, Brenton and Will who was in training. The guides were fabulous and kept us oldies all going and all very happy with ourselves at the end of the 6 days. They managed the group so well, cooked delicious meals and were all very informative and helpful. You have a very good team there. I look forward to investigating more of your adventures in the years to come.

Madeleine Adams Sydney, NSW, Australia

Without exception all walkers in the group were incredibly impressed with the three young men (Josh, Jordy and Oscar) who looked after us so well. They handled the 10-11 of us “oldies” with patience humour, and most importantly with utmost professionalism. The meals they prepared, especially around the camp fire at night, were superb (I suspect Josh will take the credit for that and rightly so!) and their enthusiasm to ensure we got the most out of the tour was first class. Our climb to the top of Mt. Sonder which started at 2 AM (and which coincided with ANZAC Day) to watch the dawn over the McDonnell Ranges was made even more special when Josh produced his iPod and small speaker and proceeded to play the last post. At the conclusion he then recited the Ode “They shall not grow old...” in full and without notes. Our whole group was moved by the whole ceremony as were the other people who had trekked up the mountain that dawn. Not a lot of dry eyes for some time at the conclusion. Those moments make any trip unforgettable. Once again please pass on our thanks to those three young men and let them know that the trip on the Larapinta has left fantastic memories to all in our group and consequently has left nothing but good impressions on World Expeditions.

F. Esteban Sydney, Australia

Just completed the 6 Day Classic Larapinta Trek (2/6/2013) with World Expeditions. What an amazing walking trek. W.E set the standard high and we were looked after exceptionally well. We would like to say a big thank-you to our guides, Josh, Tommo and Hayley with their outstanding knowledge and efforts made our trek so enjoyable that it will remain in our minds forever. They all went far beyond our expectations in making sure we were all cared for starting from our food each day to our showers at night after walking all day.
Special thanks goes to Hayley (the work experience student) for carrying the thermos of hot water so we could have a cuppa of tea in the mornings at the most beautiful spots along the way. The most rewarding was especially at Mt Sonder when we had to get up early to be at the summit to watch the sunrise. This was one of the most exhilarating experiences only one can imagine to do and certainly not to be missed if you are doing this trek.
The gorges that we walked to were breathtakingly beautiful. Ormiston Pound and the gorge was one of the highlights in our walk as the rock hopping through the gorge was fantastic. Our many pictures that we have taken don’t do them justice. To see them in real life is spectacular.
The campsites were well set out providing us with showers and composting toilets and the raised deck area with the kitchen facilities, table and chairs and a lounge made for a relaxing atmosphere for our group to all get together each night to enjoy our meals and talk about the day we just had and the day to follow.
We cannot give enough praise to our guides for whom all worked endlessly every day to make our walk most enjoyable. Josh’s knowledge of the area we walked and Hayley’s keen eye to spot a bush banana growing on a vine and other plants and birds around our walk. She was always eager to share with us what she had found.
We would not hesitate in recommending W.E to anyone wishing to do this trekking holiday and would certainly not hesitate to go with W.E. again.

Julie & Jim N.S.W, Australia

The Larapinta Trail is one of the world's great bushwalks. It captures the essence of the Australian outback. The trail weaves its 223 km way through the starkly beautiful landscape of the West MacDonnell Ranges in Central Australia. Every step of the walk pays homage to the extraordinary and ancient geological forces that have shaped the landscape, which is given its cultural meaning by the stories of the local Arrente people.

World Expeditions runs a 6 day guided Classic Larapinta Trek that provides an authentic outback Australian experience with bush camping, a decent amount of walking (between 8 and 16 km per day), and plenty of highlights that include Simpsons Gap, Standley Chasm, Ormiston Gorge, Glen Helen Gorge, and the ochre pits of the Arrente people. A memorable experience was the glorious sunrise on the slow and strenuous night climb to the peak of the magnificent Mount Sonder (1380 m). Expect to see kangaroos, rock wallabies, dingos, flocks of budgerigars and beautiful desert foliage over the course of the trek although the spiritual solitude in the cathedral like chasms invites quiet contemplation. There is at times an odd juxtaposition between the ill-fated European endeavours on the ancient landscape, such as the failed Serpentine Chalet Gorge and its dam, and the more significant Aboriginal sites such as the ochre pits used by the Arrente people over thousands of years.

If our guides (Pete and Angela) are indicative of the guided experience, you can expect the utmost in professionalism, conviviality, affiliation with country and culture, and the best camp oven meals you've ever had. Fitness and bushwalking experience matters more than age - our tour group ranged in age from 13 years to 72 years yet the good level of fitness meant the group set a solid pace each day (up to 23 km) and not a single blister. Walking in June promises great walking weather with mild days and cold nights. The cloudless sub zero desert nights deliver a rich smorgasbord of stars every evening. Enjoy a glass of wine and recount the day's experiences as night falls ,while delicious meals that include roasted lamb shanks, grilled barramundi, spaghetti with kangaroo bolognaise, camel sausages and superb desserts are prepared by the WorldEX guides.

Accommodation is in semi-permanent campsites that offer environmentally sustainable shower and toilet facilities and the experience of sleeping in warm swags. Lunches are in sandy creek beds under ancient river gums. This can be one of those life-changing experiences. Expect to return to the mainstream fitter, stronger, more resilient - and in awe of the majesty of this ancient land.

Megan 747 via Trip Advisor

All guides were constant in thier unceasing willingness to help answer questions and provide support and assistance. Food was amazing. Peter Emily and Joel were brilliant. WE are to be commended on their selection of staff.

D. Llewellyn NSW, Australia

All the guides worked extremely hard and were always cheerful

Jane McKay Victoria

Mark, Shelley and Kate (guides) were all amazing. Most professional and couldnt praise them enough. Would travel with them agaain in a heartbeat!

K and B Hanranhan New South Wales, Australia

The food was of an amazingly high standard given the conditions. The staff had such energy to trek all day and then cook! They also had great subject knowledge and excellent first aid skills.

Yvonne Gree Narrabundah ACT

I am very impressed with the fitness, organisational management and multiple skills of our tour leader Emily and her coleagues Ben and Bonnie - these were crucial to the pleasure and success of our holiday.
I also appreciate Emily's sharing of her knowledge of the Amente culture with our group and enjoyed the opportunity to meet and talk with an Amente elder.

Xavier Silvia Kingston, ACT

Bloody fantastic! Great trip, good co-walkers, the BEST trek leaders and the food was amazing! It all made for an exciting walk.

Well done W.E.!!

Ian and Brenda McColl Goondiwindi, QLD

I am not sure you can improve, it was all excellent! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of my trip. Our guides Emily, Ben and Bonny were all super people. They were very professional and the food was excellent!

Karen Wright Dalton

Both of our guides were enthusiastic and professional at all times. The leader was very knowledgeable and informative about all aspects along the trail and the area itself (including the history). The food was excellent!!

Debra and Anthony Sullivan Newcastle, NSW

Excellent food prep and cooking experience, I am Gluten free with also other dietary requirements, so I felt more than looked after. AAA+++

Kate Doyle Victoria, Australia

I have returned from my Australia holidays and the Larapinta trek that I booked via your organization was the most wonderful experience. The scenery of central Australia is really awesome (you should go and visit yourself if you haven´t done it yet) and the organisation of the trek was perfect.

Many thanks to world expeditions. I will definitely come back to you for future trips.

Natascha S. The Netherlands

We enjoyed every moment of the experience and had total trust in the guides and in your organisation. Thank you!

Ivan Wett QLD

We had a wonderful time on our recent 8 day Larapinta Trek. The trip was made all the more enjoyable by the assistance of our guides Adrian and Craig. Their flexibility, steady temperaments, knowledge, friendship, experience, sense of humor and ability in the kitchen took all the difficulties out of our experience. Nothing was too much trouble, and everything that should have happened happened, and happened when it should have. They made the whole experience for us a simple walk in the bush. We could not recommend them more highly.

Peter Surtees St Ives, NSW



MEALS: *5 breakfasts, 6 lunches and 5 dinners ACCOMODATION: *5 nights exclusive semi-permanent campsites including safari tents, stretcher beds, swags and hot showers GUIDES: *Professional wilderness guide and support staff TRANSPORT: *Off-road transport from Alice Springs EQUIPMENT: *All group camping equipment *All National Park fees PLUS: * Fees to Aborginal Traditional Owners *Emergency communications and group first aid kit


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18 Sep
 - 23 Sep 2019
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22 Sep
 - 27 Sep 2019
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25 Sep
 - 30 Sep 2019
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trip facts

Classic Larapinta Trek in Comfort Map
Trip Grading
  • Duration: 6 days
  • Activities:
  • Next Trip: 08 April 2018
Pricing: AU $2,695.00

Per Person

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